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Make New Christian LJ Friends!

Find Christian LJ Friends!
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Christian LJ "add me" community

Welcome to our community! We exist to help Christians connect through LiveJournal and create new friendships. For the purpose of this community, "Christian" means anyone who claims a personal belief that Jesus Christ died for the salvation of people from sin. This community is not about arguing theology or judging who is a Christian or who is not. There are plenty of other places on LJ to argue about religion. If you believe in salvation through Jesus, welcome.

We also welcome anyone who is seeking fellowship but may not claim to be a Christian, as long as they are not antagonistic towards Christianity or religion in general. Friendly, polite people are always welcome! It is not our goal to exclude or judge, just to have a peaceful, friendly community.


1. We have NO tolerance for arguing or stirring up drama. Please refrain from commenting if you can't say anything nice - or take it elsewhere.
2. Please keep all mature content (including swearing) out of this community.
3. Post any long intro surveys and pictures behind an LJ-cut.
4. You have to join to post or see other posts. Keep everything members-only, please.
5. Membership is moderated. Please allow a few days for approval - although we will try to be quick about it.

Intro Survey For New Members

Feel free to omit or change any of these questions according to your level of comfort, this is just a guideline.

Name or nickname:
Age or age range:
Sex/marital status:
Christian affiliation/involvement:
About my LJ:
What I want in a new LJ friend:

Include anything else you'd like to share about yourself, your LJ, or what kind of new friends you would like! Please elaborate on the topics if you'd like! The more people know, the more they'll be able to gauge if they'll be a good friend for you!

Affiliates/Recommended LiveJournal Communities